Plaid Happy Birthday

June 19, 2007 - 10:59am

I made this card for my Step-Mom's birthday. When she opened it she said it was perfect for her. I was glad I made something for her that she would like.

I used a 7/8 square punch after I stamped the letters. I can center it better if I stamp, then punch! Then I stamped a small flower behind the letters. I then rubbed the edges of the squares on a pink ink pad then attached them with mounting tape so they stick out.

The flower is from a tutorial I saw on Roxy's Blog. They are so simple and so much fun to make. I even decorated a gift bag with them! The flower is also attached with mounting tape. I attached some ribbon and stamped "birthday" on there and that was about it! A fairly simple card that made someone's day!

Plaid Happy Card

Plaid Happy Card