Placemat Bag

October 12, 2010 - 7:30am

Placemat Bag

Difficulty 4/5

Placemat Bag Supplies


  • 2 placemats (I buy mine at Target)
  • 3 quarter flats. (They come precut. I buy mine at JoAnn's.) If you can't find these at your local craft store, get enough material so you have three pieces the size of your placemats. You'll need fabric to get 2 pockets 9" by 8" along with two pieces the size of your placemats.
  • 2 50" pieces of cotton webbing - for the straps
  • 2 18" long, 5/8" wide grosgrain for ties
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • A pencil that will write on fabric for marking
  • Sewing mat - This is a necessity, but I find it very useful.


  1. First, lay out your quarter flats and trim so it is the same size as your placemats.
    Placemat Bag
  2. Cut two pockets, sized 9" by 8". Don't stray from this size. It is important so the straps are the right width apart.
  3. Next, fold the top of both pockets over 1/2" twice to finish top. Topstitch 3/8" below top to secure. I stitched mine on each fold.
    Placemat Bag
    Placemat Bag
    Placemat Bag
  4. With right side of pocket facing the right side of the placemat and the pocket upside down, place pocket on placemat. Find center of the placemat (by folding in half) and align it with the center of the pocket. Placemat Bag
  5. Pin in place. Then stitch pocket along bottom (pinned area) to placemat. Repeat for other side.
    Placemat Bag
  6. Now you fold up the pocket and pin in place. Pin in the center of the pocket because you'll be adding the straps to the sides.
  7. Place the straps along the sides of the pockets.
  8. Pin the straps in place. Placemat Bag
  9. Stitch straps to placemat covering sides of pocket. Stitch both edges of the webbing up to the top of the placement. This forms your handles and covers the raw edges of your pocket. Use the ribs of the placemat as a guide to keep the straps straight. And make sure you overlap the straps enough so you sew through the pocket. You don't want them falling off or leaving holes for things to fall through. I sew down each side of the straps to make them stronger.
  10. Repeat for other side, ensuring the webbing lines up at the of the placemat. Placemat Bag
  11. With right sides together, sew placemats together at sides and bottom. Match the straps at the top and adjust the placemat position if necessary. Use a 1/2" to 5/8" seam allowance and don't forget to backstitch (reverse) at the top. This is where the bag will get the most stress.
  12. Now you are going to make the liner. Place the right sides of the material together and sew along the sides and the bottom of the material. Placemat Bag
  13. This forms the bottom of the purse. Take one side seam you just sewed and place it on top with the top of the bag toward you (the bag is shown upside down). Force the bag to flatten with the bottom of the side seam forming the top of the triangle. Stitch across the triangle as shown, 1 1/2" from the point of the triangle, which will make a 3" stitch. Again, make sure you backstitch. It's too difficult to open up the seam allowance, so just turn the seam allowance to one side or the other. Do the same on the other seam. Placemat Bag
    Placemat Bag
  14. Now do the same thing to the liner. Placemat Bag
  15. For the liner, I actually sew twice then cut off the excess, so there isn't as much material sitting in the corners. Placemat Bag
  16. You now need to sew the upper edge of the liner so the edge doesn't show. I do this by folding over, pinning and sewing a stitch around the liner. You only need to do this once since it will be inside the bag. Placemat Bag
  17. Now, turn bag right side out. And "ooh" and "ahh" at your fabulous work!
  18. Your bag still needs the tie closure, though. Center the 5/8" between the straps on the inside of your bag and pin in place. Do the same on the other side.
  19. Then insert the liner into the bag. Line up the side seams and pin in place all the way around the bag. Placemat Bag
  20. Now turn the whole thing inside out so the liner is on the outside. This makes it easier to sew. I like to sew along the same line I did when I stitched the edge over on the liner. This gives me something to follow. Obviously, keep track of the straps t make sure you aren't sewing the straps to the bag. Placemat Bag
  21. Turn the bag right side out
  22. Finally, cut the grosgrain to equal lengths at a diagonal to prevent fraying. Placemat Bag
  23. Tie the ribbon in a bow and fill it with your favorite goodies!Placemat Bag

This makes a great gift for friends or family and it's easy to personalize for the recipient's taste.

Make one in every color to match your entire wardrobe!

I found this bag online HERE and then modified it slightly to add the liner to the bag. There are some different pictures there if you want another look at how this was done.

Also, if you have any questions about this, please let me know. I am happy to help.

Have fun with this! And if you make one...please send me pictures! I would love to see them!


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