Mass Production Tips

December 10, 2009 - 6:47am

For this holiday season, I am sure many of you are making your own cards. Here are a few tips I have learned from making mine.

  • Start early. If you are just starting still have time, but don't think it will happen overnight.
  • Have your design planned before you start. Don't just dive in hoping something will come to you. It might, but you don't want the added stress if it isn't the way you want it.
  • Pick a few colors to work with. You don't want to make it too busy because that just means more time.
  • Do one part of the card at a time. This means you'll be going through all your cards a number of times, but it keeps you from forgetting something. For instance, fold all your cards, then attach all of one color to each card, then attach the patterned paper, then stamp your sentiment to all of the cards...getting the idea?
  • Get a friend or family member to help. Make it a goo excuse to get together and just chat. The work goes twice as fast and it will just be more fun.
  • Don't worry about being perfect. I have done this WAY too many time. Most people won't notice a small imperfection that you can't stop looking at. In a worst case scenario...just send that one to grandma who can't see real well anyway!
  • It's the thought that counts. This goes with the previous one. Your friends and family are going to care more about the thought that went into the card than how detailed they are.
  • Find a large space and don't be afraid to spread out. You won't believe how much space 60 cards can take up! Put things on the floor as they are drying or if you just want to feel accomplished by everything spread out around you in a sea of cards!
  • Buy a stamp sentiment for the inside of the card. You can find something as simple as "Seasons Greetings" to a much longer holiday phrase. This will save your hands from writing what you want to say on the inside. And by the time you are done making them, I promise you aren't going to want to write inside them. Signing your name will be plenty!
  • Print your addresses on labels. Again, you don't want to be writing these out. So save a document on your computer to have on hand. This can be your address book, too. It's dual purpose. But after printing on labels, you just stick them on and voila!
  • When all else fails...order photo cards online! Like I did this year because I haven't had an ounce of time to make cards. But making cards is still my preferred method for the holidays. :)

I hope some of these tips have helped give you some ideas you hadn't thought of before. Or just some ways to make an daunting task a little more fun. Happy card making!