Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008 - 7:00am

Merry Christmas! May you have a wonderful holiday season spent with family and loved ones. This is my Christmas card that I sent out this year.

The first picture is one of the cards up close. My color combination was inspired by some napkins at Caribou Coffee. I loved the colors and knew that was what I wanted to do this year. Once I decided that, things came together pretty easily. There were things I knew I wanted to use for this card, but I wasn't sure how to put them all together at first.

I spent a day at my friend Katie's house and she let me use a bunch of her craft stuff while all of mine was packed. She also helped out a lot! (Thanks Katie!) So this is what we put together.

Christmas Card

This is what I used on the inside. This was a stamp Katie had from Stampin' Up!. I think it was a good stamp to use. I like putting a stamp on the inside since it saves time writing in them! And I am all about making things go quickly!

Christmas Card

Here are a few of them together. We punched snowflakes and I used different ones on each of them. I really just grabbed a black and white snowflake and put them on the card. I wasn't very particular about which ones went together...and that is not like me at all! And in true Andi style, I used a bunch of glitter. The white snowflakes have star dust stickles on it as well as the body of the snowman. I used silver stickles on the hat, gloves and scarf. It really added a nice touch to the cards.

Christmas Card

I did use the "Made of Snow" stamp set from Paper Trey Ink. The only downfall about using that set, is that not many people realize all the work that went into making it and that I had to stamp each part of the snowman individually and it wasn't just a snowman stamp. Even though I made this card more work than it needed to be, I am so happy with how they turned out! Enjoy!