Winter Centerpiece

January 4, 2007 - 2:04pm

Winter Centerpiece Difficulty: Difficulty 1/5 (1/5)


  • Glass vase
  • Round glass beads
  • Flowers or decorated stems
  • Ribbon
  • Pair of scissors


  1. Pour the glass beads into the vase.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon to go around the vase and tie a bow in the ribbon around it.
  3. Stick your flowers or decorated stems into the vase. They might be a little hard to push in since you are trying to get them into the beads.
  4. Set out on a table as a beautiful centerpiece. These can be done in many colors, so they can change with the season or the event!
    Winter Centerpiece
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Tiffany Blue Glass beads

Posted by Jeanna (not verified) on January 13, 2008 - 8:23pm

Hello, I love this centerpiece. Can you tell me where you got these Tiffany Blue Glass Beads? I am getting married in April and would love to use something like this is my vase.

Thank you,


Tiffany Blue Glass Beads

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on January 14, 2008 - 7:47am

I'm not the author of the original post, but I did recently find these (or very similar) glass beads. They're actually marbles! Here's a link to them:

In real life they're much more "Tiffany" blue than they look in this picture.

Good luck & cheers!