Hanging Wooden Words

January 1, 2007 - 11:08am

Hanging Wooden Words Difficulty: Difficulty 1/5 (1/5)


  • Wooden word from the craft store
  • Ribbon
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Pair of scissors
Hanging Wooden Words Supplies


  1. Try to find words that have a hole int he top of them already. This will help for hanging it. If you can't find ones with holes, you can staple the ribbon to the words to attach it.
  2. Paint your word and let it dry. You might need to paint a couple of coats to get it a solid color. You can always paint on more than one color or decorate the words.
  3. after it dries cut a piece of ribbon. I cut mine about 24 inches long. Thread it through the hole on the word and tie a knot in the ends. You could tie a bow here, too if you so desired. Keep in mind you might need more ribbon if you tie it in a bow. (If you don't have a hole in the word, you can either drill one or attach the ribbon with a stapler. You will want to tie a knot or bow in the ribbon first to find the center to hang it.
  4. After the ribbon is attached, decide where you want to hang it and hammer a nail into the spot you want it to hang.
  5. Once the nail is in the wall, hang your wooden word on it and adjust it so it hangs straight. Then stand back and admire your work! Hanging Wooden Words
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