Hot Pink Pen

April 10, 2008 - 9:02am

This is probably my favorite pen so far! I made this one for myself and I use it all the time. It's made out of acrylic and is so soft and smooth. And hot pink of course! I have made a couple other wood projects recently that I will have to get on here soon. :)

Also, don't forget to come by tomorrow for Featured Crafter Friday. This lady is quite talented. And if there is someone you would like to see me feature, let me know and I will try to get in touch with them. Or if you want to see your face and work up here....let me know! :) Have a great day.


Pink Pen

This pen is really pretty!

Posted by Jen (not verified) on April 11, 2008 - 6:32pm

This pen is really pretty! The pink is such a great color. I can see why you use it all the time.