Stuffed Ornament with Ribbon

November 27, 2006 - 10:07am

Stuffed Ornament with Ribbon Difficulty: Difficulty 2/5 (2/5)


  • Glass ornament
  • Ribbon
  • Stuffing (Such as Metallic Shred)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
Stuffed Ornament Supplies


  1. Heat your hot glue gun.
  2. Carefully take off the lid from glass ornament. Since the ornaments are made out of glass, they can be quite delicate. Ornament Top Off
  3. For the stuffing I used Metallic Shred which you can find in the gift wrap area of your craft store. You will need to use your finger or a pencil to stuff the shred into the ornament. This part can be a bit tedious, so be patient. Stuffing Ornament
  4. After you have the ornament stuffed as full as you want it, put the ornament lid back on.
  5. Next, take the ribbon you want to put around the ornament and measure it around the ornament. You aren't going to want much ribbon to overlap.
  6. Cut the ribbon to the desired length.
  7. Using the hot glue gun, put a small bit of glue on the ornament and attach the ribbon to it. You will want to press the ribbon down onto the glue with your finger or a pen to be sure it is attached well.
  8. Then wrap the ribbon around the ornament and put another small dab of glue where the end will be attached. After the ends are attached you can put a couple more small dabs of glue under any parts of the ribbon you think need to be more securely attached. Ornament with Ribbon
  9. Once the ornament is stuffed and the ribbon is attached around the ornament, cut a piece of coordinating ribbon to hang the ornament from and tie the two ends in a knot. You are now ready to hang this on your tree. This ornament makes a wonderful gift!
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