Gift Card Holder

December 13, 2007 - 6:23pm

Gift Card Holder

Difficulty 2/5 (2/5)


  • Gift card to give
  • Paper cutter
  • Paper scorer
  • Card stock
  • Pattern paper
  • Sentiment stamp
  • Round, stickable velcro pieces
  • Scallop punch
  • Slit punch
  • Glitter
  • Stamping ink
  • Adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Pair of scissors
  • Paper piercer
  • Brads (I used large ones for this project

 Gift Card Holder Supplies


  1. Cut your card stock to 10 1/2" long. Then cut in half to 4 1/4". Next score your pieces of paper at 3 1/2" and 7" and fold on your score lines.
    Gift Card Holder
  2. Next cut a piece of pattern paper to fit on the cover of your gift card holder. This piece should be 3 1/4" by 4". Adhere the paper to the card stock.
    Gift Card Holder
  3. Open up the holder and, using your slit punch, make two slits centered inside the card. You can measure this to be sure the gift card will fit if you would like.
    Gift Card Holder
    Gift Card Holder
  4. After you see how the gift card will sit in there, you could pace a sentiment above the card, on the top section or on the bottom section.
  5. Place the soft side of your velcro on the inside top of the card. The back of this section has the pattern paper on it.
    Gift Card Holder
  6. Now attach the rough side of the velcro to the one you just attached. This makes sure that it is in the same spot on both parts of your card.
    Gift Card Holder
  7. Close the flap and the velcro piece will stick to the other piece of cardstock.
    Gift Card Holder
  8. Decorate the front of your card. (I used a scallop punch and placed a brad in the center and cut toward the middle to make it look like a flower and added glitter. I adhered ribbon and placed the brad through the center.
    Gift Card Holder

These can be done so many different ways. I have attached a couple pictures of another holder I made. I tied the ribbon all the way around the card. There is no velcro on this version. The ribbon can either be untied or slipped off the holder. I also stamped a sentiment on the flap that folds up from the bottom (which is where the rough velcro is in the tutorial example).

Gift Card Holder
Gift Card Holder
Gift Card Holder

Enjoy! Have fun with these and I would love to see your creations.

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