Stamped Candle

November 15, 2007 - 9:41am

Stamped Candles

Difficulty 2/5 (2/5)


  • Bella stamp
  • White candle
  • Waxed paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Markers
  • Heat embossing gun
  • Pair of scissors
  • Scrap paper
  • Black ink
  • Glitter

Stamped Candle Supplies


  1. First stamp the Bella image you are going to use onto a piece of tissue paper. You can see that the image will go through the tissue paper, which is why you need scrap paper.
    Stamped Candle
  2. Next, color in the Bella image with your markers.
    Stamped Candle
  3. Cut out around the image. It's ok to have some extra, but you don't want too much.
    Stamped Candle
  4. I also cut part of the image off so it would fit on the candle I was using.
    Stamped Candle
  5. Now put the image on the candle in the position you want it to end up. The place the waxed paper over the image and grab tightly from behind the candle, holding the waxed paper tightly. (Now, if you make sure the waxed paper is exactly the same height as the candle, you will get a very perfect image on the candle. By doing it the way I show, you might end up with a slight bit of wax at the top and bottom. Mine did very slightly, but it wasn't noticable,)
    Stamped Candle
  6. Now use your heat embossing gun and slowly heat up the waxed paper over the image. You don't want to leave the heat on one part of the image for too long or you will get a bunch of wax build up in that spot. Run it all over the image in even swings. You want the image to just become clear under the waxed paper. You will see the tissue paper disappear as you do this and almost look shiny. The key is to keep even heat and not stay in one place too long.
    Stamped Candle
  7. After you do this, let the wax dry for a couple seconds, then peel off the waxed paper from the candle. It will look like the tissue paper was sucked into the candle and all that is left is your perfect image on the candle. I have included a close up of the image on the candle so you can see there isn't any tissue paper showing.
    Stamped Candle
  8. I then added a little glitter to the apron and hat directly on the candle. You can add ribbon or more stamped images all over the candle if you want. I am going to put mine out on the table for Thanksgiving...and maybe make some name cards to match!
    Stamped Candle

If you make some of these, I would love to see pictures of them! I think these are so fun! And they don't take any longer to make than a card...since you still have to color the image. Have fun and enjoy!

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wow, love all the Tuts you

Posted by Sarah (not verified) on December 2, 2007 - 7:34pm

wow, love all the Tuts you have!

Awesome Blog with loads of info!!