Bella Technique

November 14, 2007 - 4:07pm

Bella Technique

Difficulty 1/5 (1/5)


  • Bella stamp
  • Piece of card stock in any color
  • Large oval punch from Stampin' Up! (You could use the small oval as well.)
  • Watercolor pencils (From Stampin' Up!)
  • Blender Pen (From Stampin' Up!)

Bella Technique


  1. First stamp the Bella image you are going to use.
  2. Next, punch an oval out of the card stock.
    Bella Technique
  3. Place the punched hole over the Bella image where you would like the shadow to go.
    Bella Technique
  4. Now take a grey colored pencil (or any color you want the shadow) and outline the oval and the Bella image inside the oval.
    Bella Technique
  5. Then use your blender pen to fill in the oval around the Bella. If you want it to be darker or filled in more, add more color and blend some more.
    Bella Technique
  6. You can then cut out the Bella image and color in the rest of her. This adds a bit of dimension to the image.
    Bella Technique

This can also be done using markers, or colored all the way in with colored pencils, or any other coloring medium you choose. I picked the water color pencils because they are new! :)

This look or getting a shadow under the image has been done in many other ways. Most commonly would be to use an oval stamp and make a cut out of a second Bella and around the feet and stamp the oval over it. This way you cover up the image you are using. You would use the cut out one as a mask. This is called masking and also works. There is a good tutorial of it on Amy's site. I just don't have an oval stamp to use and I am not very good at cutting out small images.

I also want to apologize for the images being a little dark. This was something I was trying and thought to take some pictures before I set up my photo box. I hope this helps give you a new idea for doing these oval shadows!

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