Featured Crafter Friday

November 9, 2007 - 8:22am

Charmaine Ikach

Please welcome Charmaine. You can see her wonderful work on her website Oodabug Alley. If you would like to know where that name came from, read this. It's a very cute story. You may also know her as "CharmWarm" on Splitcoast Stampers. She is an amazing crafter! She is a design team member for Paper Pretties and for Verve Visual. You should definitely check out these sites. They have some very creative things on them. She is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. On top of all this crafting, she is a dance teacher, singer, and choreographer. She met her husband while doing musical theater performing and they have two little girls with a third (a boy) due very soon! Charmaine is very sweet and although I have never met her in person, she gives off a very warm and friendly vibe. I hope to stay in touch with her!

I also asked Charmaine a few questions I thought would be fun to hear answers to.

How did you get started with crafts?
A friend of mine (who is now my upline) asked me about having a stamping party and I said "no, not me. . .I don't do crafts!" She asked a few times and each time I declined. Then, we were at a church choir picnic and this same friend set up a table for people to "try" stamping if they wanted. I tried it and was HOOKED. I was at Michael's THAT NIGHT buying stuff!

How much time per day do you spend on your crafts? Is it enough? :)
This is a tough question since I never sit down for an allotted amount of time. I kind of have to "do a little all day long". I would say I probably spend about 2-3 hours a day on crafts, some days more, some days less. It all depends on what my kids are doing and what they allow me to get done! :) It NEVER seems to be enough time!

What is your favorite craft item to use or project to make?
My absolute favorite craft item is my paper piercer! I don't know what I EVER did without that tool! I LOVE faux stitching with it or just the embellishment the pierced holes themselves add to a project.

Where do you get your inspiration (for your stamp creating or card making)?
I do a lot of the challenges on Splitcoaststampers, so that gives me a starting point a lot of times. Other times I take inspiration from the paper or embellishments I plan to use on a project. Sometimes it's just my husband saying "hey, wouldn't this make a neat card. . . .?"

Do you have any advice for fellow crafters out there? Words of wisdom, perhaps? :)
For those of you who "lurk" on Splitcoast or blogs and never really post any creations of your own. . .don't be afraid! Nobody's going to "fail" you! I spent probably a YEAR lurking on Splitcoast before I ever uploaded anything, not thinking my creations were good enough for people to look at. Then my husband urged me to start a blog, I just laughed! I said "why would anyone want to visit MY blog?" Now, I look back and think "what was I so afraid of?" Everyone I've "met" through Splitcoast or my blog has been so supportive, and I NEVER would have been offered Design Teams if it weren't for posting my creations for people to see. It has also really helped me grow and stretch myself. So, I challenge you to stretch yourself and post your creations or try creating something you've never done before. Once you get past the fear of actually DOING it, it's very rewarding!

I have included a few pictures of her work for you to admire!

Featured Crafter

Featured Crafter

Featured Crafter

Featured Crafter

I hope you have enjoyed Featured Crafter Friday and meeting Charmaine! It was a pleasure to have her do this for me. If you would like to be featured, please send me an email! I would be more than happy to include you! See you next Friday for another great lady!

Wow! Charmaine, I don't

Posted by Julie Campbell (not verified) on November 9, 2007 - 8:31pm

Wow! Charmaine, I don't know HOW you do it all! Amazing!

Isn't she the greatest? I

Posted by Alli Miles (not verified) on November 12, 2007 - 1:27am

Isn't she the greatest? I love her work. Thanks for featuring her.