October 1, 2007 - 11:31am

Charity is the big winner! Will you please email me your address so I can get your goodies out to you. (My email is in the "about" section at the top.) I'm sending along a couple clear stamp sets from Michael's, one from Target and one of these cards! I hope you like them.

This was so fun to read what people had to say about my cards. The answer I was looking for was the hearts on the white cardstock matching the colored paper. But after reading your replies, I realized that I stamped the hearts on the colored cardstock in almost the exact same place, the paper is lined up perfectly and that the two cards are the same....I had no idea there were all those things in there! So thanks for pointing them out. I do eyeball everything, so I guess my eyes are pretty good. :) Thanks for playing. Have a great day!