Silver & Gold

December 3, 2010 - 7:28am

Last year for Christmas, I had a request from my step-mom for a silver and gold necklace and earring set. Now, I don't wear yellow gold. I think it looks great on other people, it's just never been for me. So it was a bit of a challenge for me to make these.

I ended up getting a really long gold chain and added some silver beads to the necklace in various places. Since the chain was so long, I doubled it up before adding the beads to it. I think it gave it a really nice touch.

For the earrings, I used gold earring hooks and then used the silver beads.

Gwen's Necklace

Gwen's Necklace

She has told me that she has gotten lots of compliments on them and I am so happy that she likes them so much!

(And on a side note, this took so long to post because I gave them to her and forgot to take a picture. I just got a picture from her the other day and wanted to make sure I posted this right away!)

Happy crafting!



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