Glitter Makes Everything Better

October 21, 2010 - 8:33pm

I sometimes don't have the time I would like to make a card from scratch for someone. So I usually have some store bought cards saved up in my stash. One of the simplest things to do to these cards to add a little special touch to them, is to add glitter.

These two cards I just added some glitter to. The first one I added dots of glitter and the second one I added glitter to the stems.



These pictures don't do these cards justice at all. I couldn't get the colors to look right. But take my word for it, glitter added that special touch I was hoping for.

So keep this little trick in your bag of goodies for those times when you are crunched for time, but want something a little more special.

I have also added glitter to a whole set of cards and gave them as gifts. People love how they turn out and you'll be glad you added a personal touch to them.

Happy crafting!



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