Pocket Card With Earrings

October 17, 2007 - 8:16pm

I first have to apologize for the poor camera work. I had to take these quickly and I didn't have time to set up the photo box. I made these as a request for my mom. She wanted something that would go with the earrings she bought from me for some friends. These are what I came up with.

I made a pocket card out of black card stock and then added some green pattern paper to the bottom and stamped a couple images on them. They are both different. I added a piece of ribbon around the card and some silver glitter as dots to the flap. I added some pattern paper and ribbon to the card stock to pull out of the card and punched holes for the earrings. I think they are really cute and is a great idea I will have to use again for earring gifts! Enjoy!

Pocket Card

Pocket Card


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