About CraftsOnAWhim.com

My name is Andrea Hays and I am from Minnesota. I love all kinds of crafts and I am always looking for new and fun projects to do.

CraftsOnAWhim started because I feel like other people need a place to have a creative outlet. Not everyone feels like they have a crafty side to them and I want to provide a place for those who currently craft to get new ideas. And for those who would like to craft, but don't feel they can, I want to provide those people with ideas and HOW TOs to help them unleash the crafty side of them.

I want people to be able to use this site as a haven...to get their craft fix. I hope to provide a wide variety of crafts for all levels of crafter.

I have recently decided I am going to start making blog or journal type posts on this site. I will also post pictures of recent craft projects (such as cards or other crafts) I have done. I want to be able to share what I do with other to help give them new ideas and inspirations.

I have included a difficulty rating on my projects/tutorials so you can find something according to your abilities. One star means the activity is quite simple to make and five stars are the most challenging projects. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself!

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions, comments or feedback about this site you may have. Also, if you have suggestions as to something you would like to see on CraftsOnAWhim, feel free to contact me at info@craftsonawhim.com.

*Attention Crafters* I would like to feature crafters and artists on this site. If you have a project to contribute or would like me to feature you with photos and your website or contact information, please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Happy Crafting!